The Best Hardcore Sex? My Wife!

Jessica and Michael have been dating for 5 years now and everything seems to be getting better. When they first met, they were both virgins and promised to only fuck when they were married and they were both true to their word. After they got married, they had the normal sex and added nothing new to it. But after going for a sex seminar, the two learnt a lot and this is when Michael suggested a hardcore sex. This was the greatest idea in their relationship and it sparkled the flame of desire. The couple have now made it a routine to have a hardcore sex every Saturday after they have taken the kids to their grandma’s house.

Like this particular Saturday when they had taken their kids away, the started kissing as soon as they locked the door. They undressed and made their way into the shower. They made out for a little while until Jessica grabbed the bungee cords and held them up in front of Michael with a grin. He took them from her as she knelt where he tied her to the washcloth bars. As she continuously stared at him eagerly, he shook his big cock up and down in front of her face “Open your mouth” he ordered as he held her hair between his hands with the back of it to the wall. He smoothly slid his cock into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat forcing her to gag.

Her head now in position, he started mouth fucking her as she gasped for more air. He slapped his dick against her face as Jessica gasped for air “Again?” he asked as the submissive wife nodded opening her mouth.

Michael picked her up and commanded her to bend in front of him. Jessica let out a satisfied moan and as her ass started to rock back and forth, her breathing started to get heavier. Michael could clearly feel his cock sliding in and out of her ass and the way her walls milked his shaft almost made him go over the edge. He’d had his cock in this hot thing for a moment now, and it was a wonder he hadn’t come already. This was just the start of war. Jessica was also warming up to show her husband how wild she can get when provoked.

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